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Our purpose is to future-proof the family treasury for the self-made. While many consider the evolution from wealth creation to wealth preservation a retirement event, we consider the transition as a startup in evergreen wealth ownership. In an age where assembly lines have saturated even the service industry, our experience shows that we, as craftsmen, are in needed more than ever.

We approach wealth ownership with the straightforward principle of aligning interests to aggregate coordinated marginal gains that yield a whole greater than the sum of its parts.

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Family Office Organization

The increased complexities that come with overseeing significant wealth often stretch many family principals out of their comfort zone. We organize estate into family office enterprises to provide family principals with both sophisticated and simplified control of their wealth.

Family Office Management

Professionals serving Family Offices are sourced from a narrow population that are highly competent both quantitatively and qualitatively. Our team of aligned specialists of the highest character has been proudly assembled to serve as a turnkey, outsourced, Family Office manager & operator.

Family Office Projects

In the process of growth and evolution, Families and Family Offices naturally develop pain-points that need curing and new endeavors that demand equipping for. We maintain the necessary resources to complete a wide range of projects both common an unique.

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Most frequent questions and answers

Family offices are private wealth management advisory firms that serve ultra-high-net-worth investors. They are different from traditional wealth management shops in that they offer a total outsourced solution to managing the financial and investment side of an affluent individual or family.

Family offices are typically either defined as single family offices or multi-family offices – sometimes referred to as MFOs. Single family offices serve one ultra-affluent family while multi-family offices are more closely related to traditional private wealth management practices, seeking to build their business upon serving many clients.

Not at all. A Family Office is meant to help provide you with increased level of clarity and control over your assets to inspire confidence that everything is in the right place. A well-run family office should allow the Family Principals to easily obtain the information they need to make strategic decisions on the best ways to move forward.

Absolutely. In fact, it is encouraged. A Family Office is meant to support the family and its future leaders. We emphasize the need to develop future generations with skillsets beyond academic training so that they are better equipped to handle the complex responsibilities of being a family leader. A well-run family office should minimize family conflict and empower future generations with appropriate ways to leverage the deep resources of the family.

GENRICH uses Alignment Pricing. We feel that the best pricing is one that inspires confidence that our interests are as aligned as possible. Since it is highly dependent on the objectives each Principal is trying to accomplish and the work required, we discuss compensation individually with each client to determine what combination of flat fees, ratio fees, performance fees, and time/material fees that inspires the most confidence in alignment.

With continuity as one of the key benefits of a Family Office, this concern is among the top of the issues we attend to on an ongoing basis. Our solution is two fold: 1. We practice what we preach and have a strong internal redundancy and succession plan in place. 2. Solutions and resources we establish for our clients remain with our clients so that nothing needs to be uprooted.

Having only been operating for just over 10 years this is a question that is begged to be asked. What can be relied upon though is our study of best practices learned from over a hundred successful families, the timeless processes, procedures, and guidelines that we put into place to govern the future much like our nation’s constitution, and the ongoing attentiveness of keeping up with the evolving attitudes of each generation. The wide age range of our key personnel is deliberate to support the longevity of success.

Curious about how future-proofing is possible?

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