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Our vision

The name GENRICH was created by combining the city names Geneva and Zurich. These two cities were constantly ranked first and second in the world by reputable publications as having the highest quality-of-life. Since 2008, this is what GENRICH strives to do for its clients.

We help wealthy individuals and families who have been very successful at building their wealth to be equally successful at owning their wealth. Our family office is your team of financial champions who guide you in your shift from achieving wealth to steering it.

Our Values

Inspire: Be a positive source of influence.
Align: Accomplish objectives in the manner intended and free of interest conflict.
Conscientious: Be disciplined, thorough, and do what is right.
Adaptive: Adjust to new information and concepts accordingly.
Competent: Be knowledgeable and skilled.
Purposeful: Perform to win over performing not to lose.
Action-Oriented: Be proactive, assertive and results-oriented.
Authenticity: Be genuine, honest, and free from pretense.
Resourceful: Be inventive and enterprising.
Alert: Be vigilant in monitoring changing circumstances and risks.

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