Half a Million Routers Infected

Stan Sung

Stan Sung

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IMPORTANT SECURITY NOTICE: As privacy and security are at the top of our priorities, our security team had identified a potent enough of a risk to warrant your attention.

You use your router every day, most of the time you don’t even think about it (you’re probably using it right now).  It’s the first line of defense for your network and if it is compromised, then your whole network is vulnerable.

As reported today by Cisco’s Intelligence Group “Talos”, a highly sophisticated piece of malware is targeting home and small office routers.  VPNFilter, as they are calling it, has infected over 500,000 devices, and can survive even a device reboot. This feature alone makes it far more robust than most other malware targeting routers.   Once it infects your router, it calls home and proceeds to install more complicated features.  In addition to spying on your web traffic, VPNFilter can be customized to fill a variety of malicious roles.   It is even capable destroying the infected device’s firmware, making your router unusable, and killing your internet access.

While most of the infections are currently in the Ukraine, there is no time like the present to check on your router’s security.  Your data and connectivity is important so protect it. Talk to your IT staff about your vulnerability.  VPNFilter won’t be the last threat to your router.

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