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Family Office Organization

Based on studying more than hundreds of successful family office structures, we conducted the best practice for family office structures and individualized by size of the family, size of the wealth, and industry of the original family.

Family Office Structures (Based on Family's Net Worth)

Family Office Management

Professionals serving Family Offices are sourced from a narrow population that are highly competent both quantitatively and qualitatively. Our team of aligned specialists of the highest character has been proudly assembled to serve as a turnkey, outsourced, Family Office manager & operator.

Family Office Projects

In the process of growth and evaluation, family and family office naturally develop pain-points that need curing and new endeavors that demand equipping for. We maintain the necessary resources to complete a wide range of projects both common and unique.

Management + Financial = Ownership

We treat ongoing financial management as a means to deliver confident wealth ownership. Not just limited to portfolio performance, defensively protecting all the components on the balance sheet is required for the ongoing preservation of the Family Treasury.

Management + Organizational = Vitamins

Conventional wisdom states that prevention is better than cure. It applies even more in a family setting where money can act as kindling for a variety of issues. Steady organizational management is the foundational microbiome to successful governance.

Project-based + Financial = Fulfillment

As a family evolves with wealth, it naturally expands into endeavors such allocating to new investments or supporting younger generations on their new ventures. Keeping a technically skilled and supportive team readies the family to adapt to the times.

Project-based + Organizational =

Even with our best efforts to maintain the normal condition of family affairs, nagging maintenance items and backburned projects can develop naturally into chronic pain-points. Clearing out these bestowed needs redirects energy to freedom wants.

Management + Financial + Organizational = Sustainability

Confident wealth ownership coupled plus the control from steady organizational management equates to comfort from having the peace of mind that everything is working together to produce a culture of sustainability to preserve the Family Treasury

All the Above = Perpetuation

All quadrants lit at once is what a full service family office should perpetuate for its families: Sustainability, Worth, Ascendancy, and Transitions.

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